Looking for a great cowboy hat? All of our hats are hand shaped to order, ensuring you get exactly what you want in fit, shape, and material.  Your custom shaped hat will be perfect for you.

Our founder Nat Fleming said that “You can tell by lookin’, it came from the Cow Lot” and ‘You can tell by lookin’ where a cowboy is from by the shape of his hat.  From working hats to show hats, we want your hat to be a reflection of who you are.  What does your hat say about you?

When you order from the Cow Lot, you’re ordering more than a cowboy hat.  You’re tapping into a piece of cowboy heritage, where quality, self-expression, and comfort are all key elements in crafting the perfect cowboy hat.  We carry premium brands like American, Ariat, Atwood, Rodeo King, Sunbody, and Twister.  Many of our hats are available open crown, allowing you to choose not only your brim shape but also the crown shape.

Get your custom shaped cowboy hat today, you’ll be glad you did.