Hat Cleaning & Re Shaping

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The Cow Lot can clean & revive your hats. If you only need to reshape the hat slightly, such as changing the curve of the brim, you can come in the store and have us steam shape your hat into the desired configuration. We also offer send-away cleaning & shaping below is a list of terms that your hat may need during its life. Please read the following terms so you will understand how to order the exact services you want.

Straighten & Light Cleaning – Refreshing the original shape of the hat.

Total Reshaping – Changing the original shape. Includes a stiffener.

*Not available for all hats

Deep Cleaning & Reshaping – A “heavy cleaning”, removes most surface dirt and embedded stains, although some old and stubborn stains may not entirely disappear. Includes stiffener and ironing out brims.

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