Rodeo King 60X 4 3/4" Brim | Pecan

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How do you say Pecan? It shows that pee-KAHN is dominant nationwide, but in areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Mississippi, pick-AHN reigns supreme. However you say it, not only is it delicious in a pie it's become one of the most preferred colors in hats today.

The 50% Beaver /50% Wild Hare is the Cowboys Choice for a hat that will stand up to any kind of weather short of a hurricane. This quality can be refurbished many times over. You sort of get two for one in that it'll usually out last two 100% hare hats. 

  • Open crown hand-shaped to your liking
  • Premium Lambskin  sweatband
  • Felt band with Overlayed 3 piece buckle set
  • 4 3/4" brim trimmed to any length
  • Personal Perfect Fit Guide and Shape Consultation Required

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