Perfect Fit Custom Hat Experience with Hat Box 19"x16"x10"

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 Give The Cow Lot Perfect Fit Custom Hat Experience.  

The Perfect Fit for the Perfect Person in your life.                        

A fun-filled experience you can enjoy while creating a custom heirloom piece with your special person. 

Along with the Gift Certificate of your choice, you'll receive FREE OF CHARGE:  

1. Simple Instruction guide for the Perfect Fit.

2. Cow Lot ruler to measure for the perfect size.

3. Head drawing wire to get the perfect head shape. 

4. Actual hatbox. Just in case size matters. [19x18x10}.

Need a little extra help?  YouTube Instruction Video Available

When the fun is done with Measurement and Head Drawing simply go online to pick your hat quality, color & style. Or call your order into 720-810-9906 and we'll help you design the perfect hat.

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