What’s the best brand of straw hat to buy?

Honestly, they’re all about the same. The Straw or Bangora, Jute, Twisted Weave, Palm or other fibers are all woven in the same places. China mostly.  The difference is how the manufacture applies lacquer, how it’s cured and the weight of wire that they put in the hat brim.

As far as fibers go the toughest hat is the Bangora. It’s machine woven giving it a really tight weave. Shantung straws offer a wider selection of vent patterns, and a little nicer looking hat. But they don’t wear as well. It’s a trade-off. Twisted Weave and Jute  fibers are loosely woven, giving you very good airflow. They are in the medium price range while Shantung is the higher priced. Palm leaf hats are very tightly woven and extremely tough. But they don’t have great airflow and they’re hot in the summertime.

The main thing we look at the Cow Lot Is quality in price and availability.  You can find just the right hat at just the right price but if they don’t have it, then it doesn’t mean a thing. Also our forte is in how the hat shapings. Rodeo King and Twister brands fit our customer’s needs nicely. Giving you the same hat as the more advertised higher priced brands but at a reasonably priced hat (in todays standards).   

So give the Cow Lot a try. Expect exceptional customer service. We won’t let you down. 

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