Rodeo King 24K 4 1/2" Brim

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  • Open crown, hand shaped to your liking
  • Diamond shaped venting pattern
  • 4 1/2" brim   
To remove dust or surface dirt from your hat- simply                          shake or blow it out with a compressed air.
If your hat gets wet: simply shake off the excess water and let it air dry.
Avoid exposing your hat to heat from stoves, radiators, lamps and car windows. The combination of heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband.
To put on or remove your hat, hold the brim in the front or back; handle the crown as little as possible.
Store your hat upside crown, on its crown, on a clean surface or in a box. Do not store it right side up on a flat surface, as this will cause the brim to lose shape and flatten.


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