Rodeo King Jute 5" Brim

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    • Open crown, hand shaped to your liking
    • 5" brim  
    • Comfort Sweatband to keep your head cool and dry. Note: we recommend occasionally rinsing out  the sweatband with a mild soap to freshen it up and letting it air dry overnight.
    • Jute is a long natural fiber that is produced from plants of the Corchorus genus and is made of the plant’s cellulose and lignin.The fiber has numerous uses including the manufacturing of bio-degradable packing material, such as gunny bags. Jute is recognized as the second most important vegetable fiber in the world, behind only cotton, in terms of global consumption and production. India and Bangladesh produce the greatest amounts of jute in the world, and global production is estimated at more than 3.3 million tonnes each year.


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